Dijeridoo Productions

One Drum Quartet at the Pyramids in GizehDijeridoo Productions is David Stocker’s booking & management agency. The services below are typical fare, and may be customized to suit the customer:

Educational Performances

Each performance by the group is structured to include song, dance, stories, Q & A, sing-a-long and hands on learning. (45-60 minutes)

  • “Around the World in Fifty Minutes”
    An exciting interactive show that takes us on a tour of the common origins of music and dance in several of the world’s cultures.
  • “Let Peace Begin With Me”
    Songs and stories to encourage critical thinking in conflict resolution. How music and expressive arts can change people, and heal ancient wounds.
  • “It Takes A Village…”
    This music and story filled presentation takes a look at the world around us from the perspective of the child.


  • African Dances and Songs #
  • Songs of Struggle, Change, and Protest
  • American Folk Music Tradition #
  • Sing-a-long Songs for Young Children #
  • Introductory Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Dance/Martial Art Form
  • The Story Tradition: How Stories are Made & Told #
  • Performing Arts: A Career Seminar
  • Percussion Instruments of Africa #
  • Basic Rhythms of Latin America #
  • Meditations and Blessings
  • Therapeutic Use of Music
  • Care, Maintenance and Reskinning of African Drums *
  • Making Simple Instruments (choose from 6 instruments) * #
  • Techniques of Playing the Dijeridoo * #
  • Creating an Ethnic Mural * #
  • Between Music, Light & Thought

Workshops are typically 30-50 minutes
* involves materials cost per student
# multi-session or can be planned as part of an extended residency

Story Theatre

  • Dijeridoo: Where the Stars Came From – An Aboriginal Creation Story
  • Kweku: The Little Boy Who Brought Musiki to the People
  • The Monkey & the Gourd: A Story of Attachment and Consequence
  • Shekere and Agogo: How to Have a Good Life on Earth
  • Berimbau: How an African Queen Chose Peace Over War

Each story theatre segment is approximately 30 minutes

Please contact David for all inquiries.