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Smoke Screens

So we have a smug trio of misguided privileged white guys, starting with a drink and drug induced college prank, acting out mother rage against another peoples sacred places of gathering – the boldness of their aggression growing in scope and repetition as the awesome power of the destructive act is realized. Unchecked they continue […]

Control of Our Ports, The Biggest Snow Job in History

Yet again, as we stare uncomprehending into the abysmal state of world affairs, we ask “Why must we now learn about Dubai?” We are told by the Bush Administration that this deal was checked out thoroughly and that it would be wrong to discredit an Arab buyer, Dubai Ports World (DPW). Thus, we are exhorted […]

Cartoons, Lampoons and Dragoons

Leggo my Turban/A little Danish with your insult? Many Muslims who hold moderate religious views and many people who are not Muslim, are offended by the infamous Danish cartoons. I’ve not seen the drawings, I don’t feel like I have to. Nor do I need to see photos from Abu Graib, Fallujah or Baghdad. I […]