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David Stocker on music and anything musical

Medicine Wheel

by David Stocker Yellow is the Sun that rises in the East White is the Dream that lives in the South Black is the Night as She rides to the West and Red is in the North, Red is in the North Green is the Earth that lies beneath my Feet Blue is the Sky […]

David Stocker Performs at Main Street Cafe

PRESS RELEASE One Drum co-founder, David Stocker will perform at 8:30 Friday at Main Street Cafe in Homestead, Florida. One Drum has been a favorite at South Florida Folk Fest, Strawberry Festival and has presented concerts from Sunrise to Tampa in Florida and from the homebase of Milwaukee (where the band has been named Best […]

When In Doubt Sing It Out

I’m convinced that music can heal the world. More than simply easing the tribulations and suffering of humans. Music is among the oldest of human activities. It predates warfare by so long that it’s almost funny. Before language, before written words, before private property and totalitarian agriculture our ancestors’ ancestors’ were driven by a desire […]